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Professional license tracking processes are complex and time-consuming for any organization. Managing and verifying certification statuses, license applications, and validations require strong organizational leadership and oversight. Companies must ensure that their employees have the necessary credentials to practice legally in their field and that those credentials are current and in good standing. Automating the process of professional license tracking through primary source verification can help businesses make the process far easier, more efficient, and far more thorough.

The Benefits of Automating Professional License Tracking

Automated tracking of employee licenses and certifications offers organizations a tremendous number of benefits. As long as primary source verification is employed to confirm the legitimacy of credentials, the process is extremely reliable and secure. Automation can help companies to reduce the time and resources spent verifying credentials across their employee base and help ensure that individuals who should not have access to certain credentials are unable to obtain them. Automating the process can save companies time and money while providing a higher level of assurance that their workforce is properly certified and qualified.

The Necessity of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is an essential component of any automated license tracking system. It is an effective method of ensuring that only legitimate licenses and certifications are tracked in an organizations system of record. Primary source verification allows employers to be confident that sales, renewals, and updates are all legitimate and that no counterfeit papers are being presented. Additionally, primary source verification can help flag any potential issues or disciplinary action taken against a license holder before involvement with the company, greatly limiting potential risk and ensuring that the company is acting in ? compliant manner.

What Primary Source Verification Automation Offers

Primary source verification automation offers employers a way to “set and forget” the license tracking process. Companies that have implemented automation of primary source verification are able to greatly reduce the resources and time necessary to perform the manual process of in-house credential validation and verification. Additionally, automated license tracking systems are able to provide employers with a bird?s eye view of the entire licenses and certifications process for greater oversight and clearer processes. Many automated systems also offer customizable workflows for license applications as well as automated reminders for license renewals and expiration dates, all of which can further streamline the license tracking process and reduce the time spent on manual tasks.

Closing ideas

Primary source verification automation offers businesses an efficient, reliable, and secure way to track the licenses and certifications of its employees. Automating the process helps companies to reduce the resources and time spent on the manual process of credential validation and verification while providing organizations with greater oversight and improved processes. Ultimately, automated primary source verification helps organizations remain compliant by ensuring that only properly certified individuals are employed.


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