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Licensed professionals have obtained government-issued credentials and curriculum-based education programs in order to practice legally in their profession. Verifying those credentials is essential when it comes to hiring, firing, approving promotions, and any other matters that may arise when dealing with an individual?s professional license or certificate. It is incumbent upon human resources personnel to understand that compliance with professional license requirements is both a legal obligation and a safeguard against risk.

Certemy is a comprehensive license verification platform designed to make the process of assessing, tracking, and responding to employee licensure a breeze. This cloud-based software solution ensures that staffing needs can be filled quickly, while also increasing visibility and monitoring of employee credentials. The Certemy platform automates the paperwork and primary source verification that comes with the professional licensing and certification process, saving time and eliminating the need for costly manual labor in keeping compliant records.

The process is highly secure and the platform integrates their authentication process within a single, unified system of record. As a verified and approved system of primary source verification, Certemy ensures government standards of licensure compliance are continuously met. This platform can address credentials for any profession, including healthcare, education, finance, law enforcement, and more.

Certemy also works to reduce scandals related to occupational licensing. Through unified, cutting-edge tracking tools, organizations can proactively monitor credential statuses, helping to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and reduce the chance of misconduct in the workforce. It can also identify any licenses that may have been suspended or voided. This is a crucial safety measure when it comes to staffing and maintaining a compliant workforce.

Organizations can easily stay up-to-date on their tracking and credentialing processes with a streamlined view from the command center, which includes data from credentialing sources, human resources personnel, and other departments. The command center also includes real-time alerts for any changes and updates to licenses and certifications.

For organizations concerned with training staff on credentialing processes, Certemy offers a web-based interactive training platform with videos, exercises, quizzes, and other tools. Training is customizable to varying credentials and roles and can be quickly rolled out. This ensures staff is kept up-to-speed on the latest regulations and can clearly understand expectations related to credential verification.

Certemy is a powerful tool to ensure the safety and compliance of any organizations workforce, allowing human resources departments visibility, control, and accuracy when it comes to verifying professional licenses, certifications, and credentials. Competitive businesses need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance and license verification. Certemys robust system of primary source verification is the answer.


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