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Verifying professional licenses is a critical part of Human Resource (HR) operations as companies strive to ensure regulatory Compliance. With the immense complexity of regulations, requirements, and standards, companies must exercise great oversight and vigilance to avoid costly financial and legal repercussions in the event that a licensee is not up to date with their credentialing. In order to effectively manage license and certification Verification, companies are turning to automated systems such as Certemys primary source license verification that provides comprehensive and rigorous verification in a single system of record.

What is Primary Source Licensing Verification?

Primary source licensing verification verifies the status of a license or certification against the official records of the issuing state, agency, or board. This provides a level of assurance unmatched by manual processes or third-party lookups, which often lack full visibility into a license’s status. With Certemys automated primary source verification, companies can receive a real-time, detailed summary of each licensee’s credential status, eliminating the need for manual look-ups or adapting systems for each state.

Who Can Benefit from Automated Primary Source Verification?

Any organization that employs individuals with professional licenses or certifications can benefit from an automated primary source verification system. This is particularly true for those organizations with employees in multiple states, as complete and up-to-date knowledge of license requirements and licensure statuses must be held to comply with all relevant regulations. Furthermore, many roles require a state professional license, such as Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners, and this oversight can help ensure compliance and the safety of their patients.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verifications

Using an automated primary source license verification system, such as Certemys, creates multiple benefits beyond those gained from manual processes. Automated license tracking and verification allows organizations to track, manage, and instantly verify primary source information in a single system of record. This can reduce the time and cost of manual license checks as well as eliminating manual errors and omissions, resulting in improved staff utilization.

Primary source verifications also provide organizations with greater oversight and control of their workforce compliance programs. Certemys system is capable of monitoring and protecting organizations from costly fines and legal risks. Organizations can set up pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application and renewal processes. This ensures that the organization remains in compliance at all times and helps mitigate risks.


Primary source licensing verification is a critical component of effective HR compliance. Automated primary source verification systems, such as Certemys, provide organizations with visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs, improved staff utilization, and risk mitigation. By utilizing pre-built, configurable workflows and real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, organizations can ensure compliance and obtain a full and up-to-date picture of their licensees.


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