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In many sectors, professional credentials are essential for human resources operations. Compliant credential Verification through high-standard primary-source verification is part of an effective Compliance process to secure operations and ensure regulatory adherence. Certemy is a leading license verification system that facilitates comprehensive visibility of employee licenses and certifications?confirming competence and compliance in one stroke.

For a human resources (HR) manager, every position should be filled with an employee of the highest caliber. HR operators are the gatekeepers of an organizations operations?and they have to regularize licenses and certifications for every professional in their roster. Maintaining regulatory compliance in credential verification is essential, and involves exhaustive monitoring of several key criterion:

Validity: Is the professional license currently in force?

Renewal: Did the professional renew their license on time?

Sanction: Are there any disciplinary actions against the professional?s license?

Credential verification through primary-source is the bulwark of regulatory compliance across industries in the US. To meet these credential standards, Certemy brings pioneering license verification services to help organizations efficiently mitigate risk and maximize utilization.

Automated License & Certification Tracking

Certemy is a software as a service (SaaS) provider of professional license verification. With their service, organizations can check licenses and certifications for accuracy, assurance, and effective utilization in compliance. Continuous automated tracking can detect lapses in validity, sanitation, or renewal and alert HR teams of impending discrepancies, as well as any anomaly in the process.

Organizations can also employ Certemys configurable pre-built workflows to reduce the friction of administrative processes. By leveraging these workflows, HR teams can automate license application processes and instrumentalize the credential verification process. Certemys license tracking solutions are robust and powerful and boast a single-source system of record for employee license and certification needs.

Compliance Improvement & Visibility

The comprehensive license and credential tracking enabled by Certemy boosts the visibility of the teams compliance process?and informs organizations? business decisions. A full, real-time account of employee licenses and certifications allows compliance teams to improve productivity and team utilization. Maximum compliance assurance requires maximum visibility of process data, and Certemys automated license tracking services equip organizations with the insight required for successful extended assurance.

Trusted by US Employers

Certemy enjoys wide acceptance among US employers, especially among large entities. Many organizations trust Certemy to save vast amounts of time, reduce risk, and optimize staff utilization effectively. The centrality of employee credentials and licensed professionals in any organization requires streamlined and consistent compliance processes. Certemys services are certified trusted by regulatory and credential authorities in many fields and continue to provide seamless and secure license tracking services to employers since 2019.


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