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Professional license Verification is an important aspect of Compliance and compliance management for businesses that need to ensure the qualifications and licenses of various employees. From healthcare workers to engineers and IT professionals, verifying that every employee is legally certified to work in their specific industry is critical to ensure that a business is legally compliant. To meet compliance requirements, businesses are turning to automated primary source verification systems to help validate occupational licenses and certifications.

Certemy is emerging as a leader in license verification and automated primary source verification. Leveraging Certemys automated system, businesses can rest assured that their employees? licenses and certifications have been verified and remain active and free of any disciplinary action. With Certemy, businesses have full visibility and control of their compliance program and are better equipped to stay on top of regulatory requirements and mitigate any risks associated with employing personnel without a valid license.

Using Certemy, businesses can easily keep track and manage their employee licenses and certifications all in one source of record. This helps improve team productivity and staffing as management can quickly access a real-time view of which employees have valid licenses and can understand their staffing level at any given moment. Additionally, Certemy is specifically tailored for large-scale businesses and comes with pre-built workflows that are easily configurable to automate license application processes and ensure that the applications are properly filled out and submitted.

To take advantage of this powerful tool, businesses must go through the implementation process to set up their system properly. This process is relatively simple and involves setting up your employee profiles and inputting key information to the system. Once complete, Certemy will take over the management of verifying employees? licenses, notifying businesses when a license is up for renewal, and sending other notifications to alert businesses when licenses may have changed or been modified.

Using Certemy can greatly improve the way businesses engage with employee license compliance. Businesses no longer have to manually track and verify each employees license across multiple sources. Instead, they can count on Certemy to manage the entire process and provide management with a real-time picture of their workforce compliance. Moreover, Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers across the country, which allows them to save time and resources by automating the license and certification process.

Having the right license verification system in place is valuable for businesses that need to ensure all of their employees meet the necessary qualifications for their respective positions. With automated primary source verification, businesses can rest assured that they are staying compliant and all of their employees are appropriately licensed and certified.


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