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Ongoing compliance with professional licensing regulations is a difficult challenge for any companies Human Resources department. From nurses and doctors to real estate agents and financial advisors, it is essential to maintain up-to-date licenses and remain compliant with regulations. Therefore, it has become more important throughout all industries to maintain a tight grip on license records.

Certemy provides a solution for companies looking to automate professional license verification for the sake of ensuring all employees remain compliant. Certemy offers a comprehensive platform that validates licenses, tracks and manages the expiration of licenses, and seeks out potential disciplinary actions against employees. With Certemys license verification system, Human Resources departments can significantly reduce the workload of their staff and make sure their workforce is meeting compliance requirements.

Automatic Validation of Occupational Licenses

One of the key features of Certemys license verification system is the automatic validation of licenses. Using technology which connects to a variety of sources both offline and online, the system is able to quickly scan valid occupational licenses and confirm that all members of staff are correctly certified and renewed. This automated license tracking makes license verification an effortless task, one which can be monitored around the clock. It also eliminates any of the potential errors associated with manual input and record-keeping.

Primary Source Verification

To ensure that the license validation process is foolproof, Certemy utilizes a primary source verification system. By connecting directly to the primary sources of licensing information, present in each state, the system is able to gain a direct source of updated information regarding any staff member?s credentials. This eliminates the need to cross-reference manual records and prevents costly mistakes that could be made by manual record-keeping.

Mitigating Risk and Improving Productivity

By connecting to primary sources Certemy is also able to mitigate risk within the company by tracking and monitoring any potential disciplinary actions taken against an individual. The system provides complete visibility and control of the companies compliance program and allows Human Resources departments to keep an eye on their employees, even when they?re on the other side of the country.

Furthermore, Certemy also provides a way for teams to optimize their workflow when it comes to professional license management. Pre-built workflows assign tasks automatically, allowing teams to automate the process of license application and reduce the amount of manual input. This not only saves time but also helps in improving staff utilization, allowing teams to focus on more important matters.

The Benefits of Certemys License Verification System

All in all, Certemy provides an automated solution for Human Resources departments to maintain and monitor professional licenses for their workforce. With its automated license tracking and primary source verification, teams can breathe a sigh of relief as the system keeps up with any changes to license regulations.

Certemys verified license records keep compliance in check and allow for improved staff efficiency. Having all license records in one single system of record makes tracking and maintaining them a breeze, helping Human Resources professionals sleep a bit easier.


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