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For any HR team, the success of their organizational compliance initiatives is heavily reliant on employee competency and the adoption of best practices that ensure each team member is properly credentialed. To this end, many organizations opt to implement an occupational license verification program, which requires employees to demonstrate their professional certifications and qualifications through primary source verification. This helps the HR department enforce its workforce compliance standards while also mitigating liability risks from non-compliance.

Certemy is a leading license verification platform that offers users a streamlined, automated solution to verifying professional certifications, credentials, and licensure. The platform provides full visibility into the organizations workforce compliance program, as well as real-time tracking of employee license and credentials in one system of record.

Verifying Initial Licenses and Credentials

Certemys license verification process begins with a review of initial licenses and credentials to ensure they align with the organizations compliance standards. This is when Certemy cross-references the data provided by the prospective or current employees to confirm each valid document is submitted. It is also during this initial step when Certemy verifies that the employee has successfully completed any necessary education or training programs.

When a valid certification or license is established, the data is stored and tracked in Certemys database. This means HR teams have full visibility into the status of each employees license and credentials, ensuring easy compliance with licensure and certification requirements.

Streamlining License Renewals and Tracking

Certemystreamlines the entire process of professional license verification and renewal. The platform tracks employee licenses and verifies that each employee maintains their credentials up to the organizations standards in order to stay compliant. As soon as the documents are received, the entirety of the process is tracked in the system.

Certifying has also developed automated workflows that help organizations streamline their process for verifying, tracking, and renewing licenses and certification. This enables organizations to maintain continual compliance with licensure and certification requirements, while avoiding non-compliance fees and other unwanted exposures.

Decreasing Compliance Risk

The arrangement’s HR groups stay ahead of administrative consistence with robotized permit following, which supports guarantee that their colleagues are fit the bill for their activity and keep up legitimate capability and licensure. Utilizing Certemys information bits of knowledge, the AA lower danger of non-consistence, while giving HR responsibility and perceivability into their consistence program.

Moreover, Certemys license verification tools can also identify regulatory changes such as changes to license renewal periods, and enable organizations to react quickly to ensure ongoing compliance. Essentially, Certemy operates as a one stop shop for employee license and qualification management, providing exceptional transparency and convenience for organizations serious about mitigating risk and regulatory compliance.

Key point

The ability for organizations to effectively verify and maintain employee professional licenses and credentials is an absolute must. Yet, with many documentation management tools failing to meet the demands of compliance-driven organizations, an effective license verification platform such as Certemy is the perfect solution. By streamlining the process for verifying, tracking, and renewing licenses and certification, Certemy provides organizations with a robust framework for mitigating risk and achieving regulatory compliance.


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