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Human Resources operations teams are increasingly called upon to prove Compliance with labor laws and external regulations, such as verifying professional licensure of employees and contractors. This creates significant workloads and security risks. Primary source Verification (PSV) of professional licensing ensures that licenses are valid and up-to-date, improving the organizations compliance and risk profile.

Primary source verification of professional licensure provides HR teams with the tools and assurance necessary to protect their organization from liability and non-compliance issues. Automated primary source verification systems allow HR departments to track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification. This real-time tracking creates a system of record that helps to improve team productivity and compliance assurance.

Security and compliance teams are responsible for verifying an employee is properly credentialed for the jobs they are hired for, and for tracking the renewal cycle of those certificates and professional licenses. Automated primary source verification systems provide the security and compliance teams with a way to instantly verify professional licenses and credentials, helping to eliminate inaccuracies and misrepresentations of employee credentials.

Primary source verification (PSV) of professional licensing can also help to ensure employees remain compliant with various rules and regulations that govern their professional industry. For example, a professional may need to maintain licenses or certifications in order to remain compliant with the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA). Automated PSV systems can help to verify whether an applicant holds the necessary certifications or licenses needed to remain compliant with the AHCA.

Automated primary source verification systems are a valuable tool for HR and compliance teams because they can help reduce the risk of employee misconduct and fraud. With PSV, employers can rest assured that the licenses and certifications presented to them are accurate and that the employee is properly trained and qualified for the job. Additionally, automated primary source verification systems can help employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance by automatically tracking and managing licensing and certifications.

Primary source verification (PSV) also enables employers to save time when verifying applicant and employee credentials. Automated PSV systems are faster and more accurate than manual methods, meaning employers don’t have to spend large amounts of time and resources verifying credentials.

Primary source verification of professional licensing can be especially useful for Hospice and Palliative Nurse, Certified Pediatric Nurse and other complex occupational roles. Certemy is at the forefront of primary source verification for occupational licensing worldwide, providing licensed professionals with a quick and easy way to verify their documents. Certemy provides employers with a tailored suite of features that automate license application processes, streamlining the process of verifying employee credentials and certifications.

In summary, primary source verification (PSV) of professional licensing is a powerful tool for HR operations and security and compliance teams. Automated PSV systems reduce workloads and simplify compliance while providing employers with the assurance that their employees and applicants hold the proper licensing and certifications for the job. Certemy is leading the way in automated primary source verification for professional licensing, providing employers with the tools and information they need to ensure their employees are compliant with regulations and ethical standards.


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