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The digital transformation of 2020 brought a seismic shift to the HR landscape in regards to professional license Verification. Companies everywhere suddenly found themselves in a situation where they had no visibility into the status of the professional certifications of their employees, contractors, and affiliated personnel. With rising scrutiny and enforcement of professional licensing laws, the need for automated license verification processes was clear. Fortunately, many HR software solutions developed this capability and provided organizations with the ability to track, manage, and verify the professional credentials of their personnel.

Certemy is one such software, a leader in occupational license and certification verification. It provides automated primary source verification, real-time tracking of employee licenses, and improved staff utilization. With Certemy, companies are able to maintain Compliance and reduce risk with minimal effort. The system offers a comprehensive record of all active, valid, and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions licenses and certifications.

Certemy is designed for use in the HR industry and is capable of easily integrating with an organizations existing processes and systems. It provides a convenient, user-friendly interface that enables HR professionals to quickly and accurately track and validate employee licenses. The system provides a single source of record that tracks information in real-time and provides instant access to changes and updates.

Certemys automated license verification system enables organizations to receive feedback quickly and accurately on all license and certification status. The system includes features that allow for proactive monitoring of license renewal dates, so organizations can stay ahead of anticipated renewals. This ensures that corporate policies and applicable regulations are adhered to and no employees go without licenses. Furthermore, the primary source verification system automatically cross-checks status and validity of licenses and certifications to save time and prevent any additional oversight.

For organizations that have employees that frequently change or move, Certemy also offers pre-built workflows that are easy to configure and manage. This enables organizations to easily manage employee license transitions and ensure that the correct rules are applied to all applicable personnel.

Certemys license tracking system can easily be integrated with other external HR systems and allows organizations to maintain complete control of their workforce compliance program. The system allows for easier data sharing between departments, providing seamless collaboration and improved performance. All employee licenses can be tracked centrally and managed via a single system of record. Furthermore, the system is capable of providing reports and analysis to assess the compliance and efficiency of operations at any given time.

The primary goal of any HR software solution is to simplify the compliance process while still remaining compliant with government regulations. Certemy is a great example of a license verification solution that does just that, by providing automated primary source verification, real-time tracking, and comprehensive visibility of employee licenses and certifications. With its innovative workflows and streamlined processes, Certemy is the ideal solution for HR professionals seeking to streamline license verification.


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