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Professional licenses and certifications are essential to effective workforce management and producing quality outcomes in most industries. A professional license means that an individual is verified as qualified and trained to work in a certain field, though they may also hold credentials and certifications that are tailored to the type of work they are doing. To make sure that licensed professionals are in compliance with regulations, and to ensure that the quality of work remains high, businesses must take steps to validate employees’ licenses and credentials. Certemys automated license verification system provides a reliable way to verify and track employee licenses, reducing the time-intensive manual effort and allowing organizations to adhere to established standards.

Increased Efficiency from Automated License Verification

To verify that licensed professionals are holding appropriate credentials and certification, businesses must authenticate the credentials of each employee. This can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task without the right tools. Certemys automated license verification system was designed with HR operations in mind?to streamline the process and reduce the burden that businesses face when checking professional licenses. The system will first check credentials against the primary source databases, such as state boards or government organizations, to ensure that credentials are valid. Certemy then stores the results in an easily accessible and searchable database that provides visibility across the organization.

The system features a number of benefits, such as:

Compliance monitoring and alerts that employees and employers receive when a credential is expiring,

An automated renewal process that can be triggered when a credential is set to expire,

Live tracking of the current status of your employees professional licenses and certifications, and

Secure storage of employee credentials.

Having an automated license verification system in place also serves as a defense mechanism for businesses that must adhere to licensing regulations. With timely notifications, businesses can be sure that any lapses or disciplinary actions will be quickly detected and addressed, and that license renewal notices will not go unnoticed. Certemys license verification not only reduces the administrative burden, but also helps to build an audit trail and shield against any potential fines due to non-compliance.

Optimize Our Resources with Automation

Certemys license verification system also has additional functionalities that can compliment existing HR processes. Using the system, employers can maintain a better grip on staff utilization and manage team performance by having the ability to track the expiration and renewal dates of licenses. Through automated workflows, businesses can allocate resources faster and more effectively, and also better align operational performance metrics with industry standards.

Furthermore, Certemys license verification system helps to improve visibility across departments, allowing seamless collaboration between the various teams within an organization. The ability to easily search and retrieve employee credentials ensures that everyone within the organization is on the same page.

Unmatched Transparency with Primary Source Verification

Certemys license verification system is based on primary source verification, providing businesses with a higher level of trust and transparency over employee credentials. This is especially important for large organizations that require a significant number of licenses. The system allows businesses to have a single source where credentials are tracked, managed, and kept up-to-date.

The system also features additional features to assist in the onboarding process, providing employers with real-time updates on the status of employee credentials as they enter and exit an organization. Certemys pre-built and customizable workflows can be utilized to help streamline the application process, saving both time and money for the HR department.

Finding the Right Tool for Your Business

One of the key ingredients necessary for successful workforce compliance is a reliable license verification system. Certemys automated license verification system provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to verify employee credentials with confidence. Equipped with a wide range of features, the system is designed to simplify HR operations while ensuring businesses are able to remain compliant and in control of their workforce.


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