License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Pediatric (Renewal Only)

In the world of occupational health and safety, It is vitally important that those who are responsible for providing care to patients all have the proper professional licenses in place. This is true regardless of if they’re an Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Pediatric working in a hospital setting or an electrician providing inspection services in a residential property.

To ensure that a practitioner can safely and properly practice, their professional license must be verified and authenticated. This is the process of confirming that the professional is properly licensed in their particular field of practice, is able to legally practice, and hasn’t had any meaningful actions taken against their license. This process is called license Verification.

Fortunately, organizations that need to ensure their employees or contractors possess the right licenses can take advantage of automated license verification systems, such as Certemy. Through Certemy, institutions can easily manage and track the professional licenses of their staff, confirming their authenticity without having to go through the time consuming and potentially costly methods of manually checking each and every license.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a leader in license verification and credential management. It offers a comprehensive, automated platform for businesses and organizations to quickly verity the professional licenses of their employees or contractors. The system can also be used to track the status of licenses, making it easy to stay ahead of any potential regulatory or Compliance changes.

Certemys system is designed to simplify the process of license verification and help organizations provide a safe and efficient working environment. The primary sources of data are already incorporated into the platform, and verification is done automatically thanks to the integration with licensing boards and agencies.

Benefits of Certemy for License Verification

Using Certemy for license verification offers many advantages to businesses and organizations, including:

A single system of record: Every license is tracked in a single system of record, allowing businesses to quickly and easily view and manage the different professional licenses of their employees or contractors, making compliance much simpler and more efficient.

Automated license tracking: The platform automatically tracks the status of licenses across the organization for transparency and compliance.

Real-time primary source verification: Certemy also performs real-time primary source verification, ensuring that the license is valid and free from any meaningful sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Improved team productivity: Organizations can configure pre-built workflows to streamline the license application process, saving time and improving team productivity.

Closing considerations

Professional licenses are a vital part of ensuring compliance and safety for businesses and organizations, and Certemy provides a reliable and efficient system for verifying and authenticating those licenses. Through its automated platform, Certemy can quickly and accurately validate licenses, as well as track and manage them, improving the organizations compliance and efficiency.


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