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Compliance and safety in the workplace are paramount to the successful operations of all organizations. Ensuring that all employees hold the necessary certifications and qualifications to professionally and safely engage in the respective tasks of their job role is of utmost importance. To ensure that companies are properly compliant, many organizations choose to use a professional license verification tool, such as Certemy.

The Benefits of Using Certemy

Certemy is a License Verification platform that provides a comprehensive automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certification of employees. This system verifies that licenses and certifications are active, appropriately renewed, and free from any disciplinary action or sanctions.

The primary role of Certemy is to provide complete visibility and control over the compliance program of an organization. Through the use of Certemy, employers can effortlessly track and manage licenses and certifications, and verify information for consideration via automated real-time tracking. This leads to improved team productivity and visibility across the organization, making sure that all compliance requirements are well-managed and resources efficiently used.

In comparison to conventional license verification processes, Certemy is trusted by many large US employers for its ability to save time and mitigate risk. Certemy also comes with several pre-built workflows and configurations that are custom for one?s own organization. This makes the whole process of license application simplified and transparent, allowing employers to better understand the entire process and to be compliant with all regulatory requirements.

The Certemy Verification Process

Using Certemy, clients can easily verify an employees qualifications and licenses in minutes. The process is automated and involves three steps. First, the employer needs to enter the employee details into the Certemy platform. This allows the platform to verify if the person holds the necessary certification or license. Second, the platform shows the employer verification results obtained from the primary and secondary sources. This verifies the validity and currency of the employees credentials. Third, the client receives an official certificate of verification either via email or SMS. This document ensures that the client is compliant with all necessary regulations and that their employees possess the appropriate qualifications and licenses.

In some cases, the verification process may take longer than anticipated. This is because the employees credentials must be compared and cross-referenced against various government departments and certifying bodies. This helps make sure the validity of the employees licenses and certifications and that they are not linked to any disciplinary action or sanctions.

Concluding perspectives

The certification of employees is an important part of any organizations operations. Employers must ensure that all employees of their organization have the necessary licenses and certifications to climb the necessary criteria to be in their role and job function. A professional license verification platform such as Certemy provides an automated primary source verification system and allows employers to verify an employees credentials in a short span of time. This system is trusted by many US employers and provides a comprehensive and automated primary source verification that provides real-time tracking of an employees credentials and licenses.


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