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Ensuring license Compliance for healthcare professionals working in neonatal and pediatric transport services is a challenging task for any compliance lead in the human resources operations department. While tackling this responsibility, there are new regulations to consider, staff members who may have moved, and primary source Verification to keep at the forefront. Working with an automated license tracking program and establishing an efficient workflow for your organization can alleviate much of the workload and provide greater transparency between staff and the compliance lead. Let?s take a look at how to leverage a professional license verification tool to maintain license compliance.

The Need for License Verification in Neonatal and Pediatric Transport

Neonatal and pediatric transport services require the same healthcare professionals as other settings, plus additional specially-trained personnel for the care of premature infants, children, and their families during transport. While specialty pediatric care requires a rigorous set of standards and regulations to follow, the medical professionals providing these services need to be properly certified and licensed. As a compliance lead, it can be difficult to meet all the licensing requirements and remain in compliance year-round.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is the process of obtaining a license or certification directly from the issuing party in order to ensure its accuracy. It is a crucial step in ensuring license compliance, as it gives the compliance lead the ability to accurately validate and verify the license of any medical professional in their employ. By utilizing an automated primary source verification system, compliance leads are better positioned to identify any expired, suspended, or inactive licenses and take the necessary actions to ensure continuous compliance.

Leveraging Automation to Optimize Processes

By leveraging automation, compliance leads are able to ensure that the entire license tracking and primary source verification process is neatly streamlined. With visibility and control of the workforce compliance program, staff members have detailed insight into the status of their licenses and certifications. Automating license tracking and verification allows compliance leads to save time, manage risk more effectively, and improves staff utilization.

The Impact of License Compliance for Transport Services

License compliance is essential for medical professionals providing neonatal and pediatric transport services, as it ensures they have the proper qualifications and certifications in place. Additionally, utilizing a primary source verification tool sets a precedent for other compliance-related tasks and can increase job satisfaction among staff. Furthermore, license compliance can reduce the risk of errors, negligence, and potential lawsuits.

Stay Compliant with Certemys Automated License Verification

Certemy is a leader in license verification, with an automated primary source verification system designed to validate any occupational licenses and certifications across an entire organization. This system allows compliance leads to gain complete visibility and control of their compliance program in real-time tracking. Automation workflows that are fully configurable are available to save time and improve the license application processes across the organization.


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