License Verification Tool | Clinical Nurse Specialist; Wellness through Acute Care (Adult-Gerontology)

The global economy is increasingly competitive. For Todays businesses, their customer?s safety, security, and trust involve the greatest attention. One of the ways that businesses can remain competitive is by staying ahead of any governmental regulations or certifications. This means sourcing, verifying, and maintaining ethical and highly skilled employees or working with certified third-party providers. In most states, any healthcare or medical professional must possess an up-to-date certification or license. It is here that enterprise-competing companies look to secure their workforce with a primary source license verification solution.

A lack of a license verification strategy can be costly, both financially and in terms of reputation. It is for this reason more and more businesses and organisations are turning to primary source license verification solutions for partnered healthcare or medical professional certifications.

What Is Primary Source License Verification?

Primary source license verification is a method used to verify the authenticity of an individual?s credential, such as a healthcare or medical professional license or certification. This method verifies, retailers, and stores occupational license through an automated online license verification system. Generally, this is a service provided by an online license verification tool like Certemy.

Primary source license verification provides a full audit trail of the credentialing process:

1. The license is continually monitored to maintain validity.

2. The platform reviews license applications for their accuracy and compliance before submitting them to the state authority for approval.

3. Automated renewal notifications are sent to license holders in a timely manner to help ensure renewal.

4. Once renewed, the license verification system automatically updates license records.

Why Is Primary Source License Verification Important?

Primary source license verification is instrumental in mitigating the risk of unknowingly employing individuals without a license or certification. This is especially important for organizations and businesses who employ healthcare or medical professionals such as Clinical Nurse Specialists or working in Wellness through Acute Care (Adult-Gerontology).

Certemy in particular is a leader in license verification providing an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Their platform is trusted by some of the largest US employers for its ability to save time, mitigate risk, and increase team productivity.

There are a selection of benefits to using primary source license verification such as:

1. The ability to track and manage licenses and certification in one system of record with real-time visibility.

2. Complete control and support of your workforce compliance program.

3. Automated license tracking to provide new staff with the required certifications or qualifications.

4. Pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to streamline license application processes.

5. A provision of peace of mind for employees.

How to Utilize Primary Source License Verification?

By utilizing primary source license verification organisations can experience benefits beyond compliance with regulatory requirements. Primarily source license verification ensures that only qualified, certified or licensed employees are employed in accordance with state law.

1. Utilize automated reviews and updates

Take advantage of automated license verification where the license applications are reviewed for accuracy and compliance before submitting them to the relevant state authority. Automated license tracking is crucial to verify the accuracy and helpful in timely renewal of the licenses.

2. Collaborate with certified third-party providers

Where necessary, collaborate with state certified third-party providers. This is beneficial when several names and approving corroborations are necessary in order to meet the requirements and random employee verifications.

3. Utilize efficient software systems

Organisations should use a primary source license verification software system. This system should be able to easily store and manage all the pertinent employee information, and even generate an audit trail of their progress, if necessary. This will also help stay ahead of the ever-changing regulations, and make sure all employees and providers have the necessary license or certifications.

Key point

Primary source license verification is an essential solution for organisations who require compliance with regulatory requirements when it comes to securing an ethical workforce of healthcare and medical professionals. By utilizing an automated primary source license verification system such as Certemy, organisations can save themselves countless expensive hours manually reviewing credentials as well as any potential risks incurred with recruiting unlicensed employees. Ultimately, with its consistent efficiencies primary source license verification saves organisations time, money, and reputational risk.


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