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Organizations in the United States are tasked with the responsibility of abiding by specific industry regulations to ensure Compliance. Since licenses and certifications are essential to certain job-level operations, Human Resources (HR) teams need to have a full view of employee capabilities and credentials to remain compliant and productive. A professional license and credential tracking system powered by primary source Verification (PSV) is the most effective solution for HR teams to ensure they are meeting all requirements. This guide provides an overview of why organizations should use PSV with a license and credential tracking system, how to build a workflow for license application processes, and the benefits of automated tracking.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process used by employers to confirm that an employees license or certification is authentic and valid. It requires cross-checking an employees credentials against the issuing body?s records in order to verify the qualifications of an individual. It is a layer of protection that employers must take to ensure compliance with industry regulations and provide employers with added assurance that employees are qualified for their positions.

Why Use Primary Source Verification with License & Credential Tracking?

Using PSV with a license and credential tracking system is the best way for an organization to remain compliant and protects an employer from liability. With automated PSV checking, organizations can easily stay up-to-date on the latest licensing and certification requirements. Plus, if an employee does not have all the required credentials, the system can alert the employer so they can take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Having a comprehensive system in place that is built with PSV provides HR teams total visibility and control of employee compliance. Real-time tracking and notifications enable organizations to stay on top of employee qualifications and certification expirations. A PSV license and credential tracking system also accurately verifies and documents an employees qualifications and reduces the risk of employing someone without the necessary license or certification.

How To Build A Workflow For License Application Processes

The proper license and credential tracking system should allow organizations to build automated workflows to streamline the processes involved in license applications. These workflows should be configurable so that organizations can create a customized system based on their specific needs. Organizations can set up workflows to track and manage license applications, document completion, set up automatic notifications for license expirations, and much more.

Organizations should also be able to establish different access levels for employees to ensure they are only viewing the information they need to see. This will make the license application process smoother and more secure. Additionally, organizations should look for a license and credential tracking system that will store all the data in one centralized location. This will make it easy to access the information whenever needed and review workflows and employee credentials.

Benefits of Automated Tracking

Automated tracking provides numerous benefits to employers and HR teams, including:

? Time savings: Automated tracking allows organizations to save time by streamlining the credential review process. This eliminates manual record keeping and reduces paperwork, allowing HR teams to focus on more important tasks.

? Increased accuracy: Automatically tracking data and verifying credentials ensures that information is accurate. With manual tracking, errors can occur that could prove costly to the organizations compliance status.

? Enhanced security: Automated tracking increases the security of employee information by utilizing advanced encryption to protect credentials and confidential data.

? Improved utilization: Automated tracking can help identify potential gaps in staff utilization or areas where additional training is needed to ensure maximum productivity.


It is critical for organizations to utilize a professional license and credential tracking system powered by primary source verification. Such a system provides added assurance that employees are certified, allows for the creation of workflows to improve the license application process, and produces numerous time and cost savings. Automated tracking and primary source verification enable organizations to accurately track, manage, and review employee credentials with one centralized location, providing them with the tools needed to comply with industry regulations.


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