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Whether you are a healthcare organization with constraints on personnel, a Compliance executive, or a medical professional, the license Verification process can be complicated and time consuming. Certemy, a leader in license verification, specializes in an automated primary source verification system that validates the occupational licenses and certifications of employees to ensure that they are actively renewed and not subject to any disciplinary actions or sanctions. This system can save time, effort, and help to mitigate risk as well as improving staff utilization.

Organizations and professionals seeking to verify the occupational License Verification of Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners (PCNPs) and other related positions need not worry. Certemy has designed a solution that offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. Fully configurable workflows exist for verifying and tracking all license applications, and Certemy has partnered with some of the largest US employers to help them save time, effort, and risk associated with manual license tracking.

The Benefits of Certemys License Verification Solution for PCNPs

Certemys License Verification solution provides many advantages for both healthcare organizations and medical professionals in terms of verifying the professional licenses of PCNPs:

Regulatory compliance ? Certemys primary source verification system serves as an automated way to stay ahead of regulatory compliance, removing any guesswork that traditional manual systems and databases may contain.

Reduced labor costs ? Automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications can help to reduce labor costs associated with manual processes.

Improved productivity ? Staff can focus on their job, with improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization thanks to the real-time tracking offered through one system of record.

Flexible workflows ? Pre-built, fully configurable workflows help to automate license applications, reducing process cycle times while improving accuracy.

The Core Components of Certemys System of License Verification

Certemys License Verification solution consists of a system of core components that are designed to automate the verification process for any kind of professional license:

Data extraction ? Certemy extracts data from primary sources such as online databases, government license websIt is, license verification websIt is, and regulatory bodies.

Data normalization ? This step ensures that the extracted data meets the standards that have been set by the organization and is consistent with the data collected from other sources.

Data verification ? This involves the verification of the extracted data with the information stored in the primary sources to make sure that the data is accurate and up-to-date.

Risk analysis ? Certemys system can detect any risk by analyzing the collected data and flagging any issues for quick resolution.

Reporting ? Comprehensive reports can be generated on demand, helping organizations to keep track of their personnel’s licenses and certifications on a regular basis.


Certemys License Verification solution is a comprehensive approach to streamlining the process of verifying professional licenses, such as the occupational license for Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners. Certemy offers organizations time savings, risk mitigation, staff utilization, and improved visibility. Its core components provide the necessary tools to automate the process and provide comprehensive reports.


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