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Nurse educators play an essential role in the healthcare system, teaching, mentoring, and guiding nursing students both pre- and post-graduation. Ensuring a nurse educator is qualified to practice is of the utmost importance. This is done through a process of vetting and confirming that the nurse educator holds an appropriate active license in the state in which they are practicing. Confirming a nurse educator?s qualifications is one of the most important ? yet complex and time-consuming ? tasks that HR departments can undertake.

Primary source Verification is the most reliable and accurate method for determining an active professional license. It will also confirm if the professional license has been revoked or suspended. This process can present a number of challenges for HR departments, from finding the right source to confirm qualifications to manually verifying records. Thankfully, new technologies are available to help with the challenges of primary source verification of nurse educators.

Advantages of Using Automated Primary Source Verification

Automated primary source verification helps HR departments in a variety of ways. It isaves time, reduces risks, and improves employee utilization. It also provides the real-time tracking of employee credentials that employers need in order to be sure that all their employees have the appropriate qualifications. Automated primary source verifications also reduce errors that occur when relying on manual processes such as double entry of information or manual entry of CVs. Additionally, automated primary sources give employers better visibility across the entire organization, as they are able to manage credentials in one system of record.

Certemys Professional License Verification Solutions

Certemy is a leader in the licensing verification space, offering automated primary source verification and tracking solutions. CERTVerify makes the process of primary source license verification and tracking easy and efficient, regardless of the size of the organization. Real-time tracking of employee credentials is provided within the system of records. With automated workflows that are fully configurable, CERTVerify makes it easy to quickly and accurately capture employee credentials and efficiently track professional licenses.

CERTVerify also helps organizations stay ahead of regulations by quickly confirming that their employees are appropriately active and free of any disciplinary action or sanctions. This provides a level of protection for employers and reduces the risk of penalties that can be a result of non-Compliance with regulations.


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