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Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CCN) Perioperative are healthcare professionals who are educated and trained in the specialized field of providing advanced nursing care for the surgical population. This typically includes providing preoperative, postoperative, and intraoperative care to patients in the OR, ICU, and other surgical settings. They have specialized expertise in evaluating and managing patients, developing evidence-based protocols and best practices, monitoring outcomes, and coordinating care plans for their patients. As a result, their clinical scope of practice is extensive and requires rigorous knowledge and skill mastery.

Why Is Occupational License and Certification Verification Necessary?

In order to ensure proper care is provided to the surgical population, occupational license and certification verification is an essential part of confirming a Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (CCN) Perioperative has the specialized knowledge and skill to provide quality care. Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CCN) Perioperative are licensed and certified by the state in which they practice. This verification also serves to protect the public from untrained and unqualified practitioners as well as helps healthcare employers ensure Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirement related to employee licenses and certifications.

What Is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of confirming and verifying the status of an individual’s professional license and/or certification. This process is used to ensure that the license and certification remain valid and up to date. Primary source verification is a critical part of the occupational license and certification process as It iserves to protect the integrity of the individuals practicing within the healthcare field. During the primary source verification process, the individual’s license and certification status is confirmed and updated with the issuing Board or Agency and any information related to any disciplinary action taken against the individual is reported.

How Does Certemysimplify License Verification?

Certemy is the preferred license verification platform for healthcare employers. It isimplifies license verification by providing a client and employee onboarding process that is heavily automated with machine learning. This helps ensure that no step is missed before the employee can begin their patient care. Certemy also offers a customizable dashboard that easily tracks employee licensing information and provides real-time alert notifications in the event a certification or license needs to be renewed or updated. Certemy further simplifies the process by providing pre-built workflows and automated license application processes that help ensure that no step is missed before the employee can start providing patient care.

Last ideas

Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CCN) Perioperative provide an essential service and critical care to the surgical population. In order to ensure quality care, it is important to ensure that the individual?s professional license and certification remains valid and up to date. Certemysimplifies the license verification process by providing an automated onboarding process and customizable dashboards that provide real-time alerts when renewals or updates are required. This helps ensure that healthcare employers meet their legal and regulatory requirements while providing quality patient care.


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