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Care coordination and transition management (CCCTM) is an integral part of healthcare delivery and is used by providers and other various organizations to integrate and coordinate patient care across different healthcare systems, services, and settings. As healthcare continues to evolve and increasingly complex systems are created, efficient, cost-effective care coordination and transition management becomes more difficult and requires increasingly sophisticated tools and strategies.

In order to ensure that practitioners possess the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the complex needs of our current healthcare environment, the American Board for Accreditation in Care Coordination and Transition Management has developed the Certified in Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCCTM) certification. This certification is designed to recognize professionals who have the experience and educational backgrounds needed to effectively coordinate patient care across multiple disciplines and settings.

To achieve the CCCTM certification, the individual must pass the following: (1) The certification exam – a four-hour proctored exam covering healthcare systems, services, and care coordination and markets, (2) Maintenance of Recertification by participating in continuing education and}; and (3) Maintenance of a valid, unrestricted professional license.

The process of certifying and verifying an individual for the CCCTM certification is complex and requires a wide range of associated administrative tasks, such as verifying the individual?s credentials, qualifications, and license status. This is where an online license Verification tool is extremely beneficial for organizations.

With an online license verification tool, organizations can easily and quickly verify that a professional holds the necessary qualifications and licensures to ensure optimal patient care. Through the verified credentials, organizations can verify that individual practitioners have the appropriate certifications, education, and experience in the applicable fields.

The online license verification tool also provides important data to ensure that practitioners are in Compliance with their respective boards of registration. The online tool continuously monitors for changes and updates in the practitioner c?s license status, allowing organizations to better manage provider credentialing and minimize potential risks of non-compliance.

Moreover, an online license verification tool simplifies the administrative tasks associated with manual license verification. This allows organizations to save both time and money. As a result, organizations can refocus their resources towards patient care, increasing operational efficiency.

Ultimately, having an online license verification tool is essential for healthcare organizations to reduce the risks associated with manual license verification. The tool makes the process efficient and allows organizations to refocus their resources on patient care.


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