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In Todays increasingly complex regulatory environment, employers must ensure that those they employ are properly licensed for their occupations. To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, employers must regularly monitor the active licensing of their workforce. This is where professional license verification comes in.

Professional license verification ensures that employers have the necessary information to comply with state and federal regulations, as well as internal policies and standards. It is the process of verifying that an individual who holds a professional or occupational credential has the right to practice in that profession or occupation. Professional license verification is a key part of an employer?s compliance program in the healthcare, education, financial services, and other industries, and is critical for ensuring that the qualified individuals employed are in compliance with all applicable requirements.

What Is the Process of Professional License Verification?

The process of professional license verification typically begins when an organization receives a copy of a potential employees credential from the state licensing board or other applicable agency. The organization then verifies that the individual holds an active license in the state in which the employee will be hired. This is accomplished through an automated primary source verification system, which contacts the source agency and compares the information in the credential to the agency?s records. This verification will indicate if the license is not current, or if the individual has a sanction or disciplinary action against him or her.

How Does Professional License Verification Help Employers?

Professional license verification is an important part of an employer?s compliance program. It helps ensure that the organization is complying with all applicable state regulations and federal laws. It also helps protect the organization from potential liability regarding negligent hiring suits, since it is proof that an organization did its due diligence in vetting potential employees.

Additionally, employers can use professional license verification to manage their workforce compliance program more easily. By setting up automated workflows to continuously monitor and track employee licenses and certifications, there will be an accurate record of which employees are actively licensed and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. This information can then be used to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as internal policies and standards.


Professional license verification is a crucial element of an organizations compliance program. It helps ensure that the individuals hired are qualified and in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. Automated primary source verification systems can help employers reduce the time and effort spent managing their workforce compliance programs, with improved visibility across the entire organization.


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